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Abanilla Moors and Christians Fiesta

The Moors and Christians will be marching in Abanilla on Monday 1st May, although the fiesta actually starts on the 21st April and continues until the 7th May 2017.
Abanilla is situated inland from Orihuela and between Fortuna and Hondon de las Frailes. Although it is a relatively small municipality it has large programme for its annual Moors and Christians Fiesta. Many of the Moors and Christians associations from all over the Murcia Region join in the celebrations in Abanilla making it of Regional Tourist Interest.
Saturday 22nd April
02:00 Light Show and Traca followed by a Parade to the Ermita
21:00 Opening Speeches and the Coronation of the Fiesta Queens in the sports centre 'Pascual Saurín Cutillas' on Avda. Región de Murcia
Sunday 23rd April
17:30 Grand Parade of the Children. Route: Plaza de la Lonja, Calle Mayor, Plaza de la Constitución, Calle San José, Avda. Juan Carlos I finishing at the Paseo de la Ermita.
Sunday 30th April
11:00 Exhibition of Classic Cars and Bikes at the Municipal Swimming Pool
00:15 Parade of the Fiesta Queens, Moors and Christians. Route: Plaza de la Lonja, C/ Mayor, Plaza de la Constitución, C/ San José, Avda. Juan Carlos I finishing at the Paseo de la Ermita.
Monday 1st May
12:30 Beer Fountain in the plaza del Ayuntamiento
18:25 Traca Aerea (firecrackers)
18:30 Grand Parade of the Christians followed by the Moors. Route: starting from the Sports Centre on Avda. Región de Murcia, along C/ Francisco Salzillo, Plaza de la Constitución, C/ Mayor, Plaza de la Lonja finishing where it is intersected by Calles Canalejas and Alcazaba.
Tuesday 2nd May
18:00 Flower Offering to the Santisma and the Vera Cruz accompanied by the music band Los Veteranos starting from the Plaza de la Constitucion.
Wednesday 3rd May
05:00 Diana, early morning parade with drums.
06:00 Diana, early morning parade by the music bands and the Captains of both armies to the Iglesia.
07:30 Holy Mass followed by a Pilgrimage from the local church to the Hermitage of Mahoya.
As the procession arrives in Mahoya, the Holy Cross is raised and a paper ball called a 'Granada' is suspended from the balcony of the Hermitage. The captains wave their flags and the harquebusiers shoot their blunderbusses. Then the Granada Paper ball is opened and the doves inside are released, at the same time a jet of water is sprayed from the Cross. Then a Holy Mass is celebrated in the Hermitage after which all the pilgrims can kiss the Cross.
Sunday 7th May
17:30 Octava Procession followed by the closing of the fiesta with the waving of the flags and the firing of the Blunderbuss guns followed by a firework display from the Plaza de la Constitucion.