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Elche CF Football Matches 2016/17

Elche CF play in the Segunda Division for the 2016/7 season. Their fixtures, scores and league table positions are throughout the season are:
Day 42 Elche v Real Oviedo
Fixture: Saturday 10th June 20:30
Score: Elche 0-2 Real Oviedo
Table position: 21st with 43 points - relegated to Segunda B
Day 41 Cadiz v Elche
Fixture: Sunday 4th June 20:00
Score: Cadiz 2-1 Elche
Table position: 21st with 43 points
Day 40 Elche v Reus Deportiu
Fixture: Sunday 28th May 18:00
Score: Elche 1-1 Reus Deportiu
Table position: 21st with 43 points
Day 39 Getafe v Elche
Fixture: Friday 19th May 21:00
Score: Getafe 2-0 Elche
Table position: 21st with 42 points
Day 38 Elche v Mirandes
Fixture: Saturday 13th May 16:15
Score: Elche 0-1 Mirandes
Table position: 20th with 42 points
Day 37 Mallorca v Elche
Fixture: Saturday 6th May 16:00
Score: Mallorca 1-0 Elche
Table position: 18th with 42 points
Day 36 Elche v Almeria
Fixture: Friday 28th April 20:00
Score:  Elche 2-3 Almeria
Table position: 18th with 42 points
Day 35 Real Valladolid v Elche
Fixture: Saturday 22nd April 16:00
Score: Real Valladolid 2-1 Elche
Table position: 15th with 42 points
Day 34 Elche v Numancia
Fixture: Saturday 15th April 16:00
Score: Elche 1-3 Numancia
Table position: 13th with 42 points
Day 33 Elche v Sevilla At. 
Fixture: Sunday 9th April 16:00
Score: Elche 3-2 Sevilla At. 
Table position: 11th with 42 points
Day 32 Cordoba v Elche 
Fixture: Sunday 2nd April 18:00
Score: Cordoba 1-0 Elche
Table position: 14th with 39 points
Day 31 Elche v Zaragoza 
Fixture: Sunday 26th March 20:30
Score: Elche 0-3 Zaragoza 
Table position: 12th with 39 points
Day 30 Gimnastic v Elche 
Fixture: Friday 17th March 20:00
Score: Gimnastic 1-3 Elche 
Table position: 11th with 39 points
Day 29 Elche v Alcorcon 
Fixture: Friday 10th March 20:00
Score: Elche 0-0 Alcorcon 
Table position: 12th with 36 points
Day 28 Levante v Elche 
Fixture: Sunday 5th March 18:00
Score: Levante 2-1 Elche 
Table position: 12th with 35 points
Day 27 Elche v Huesca 
Fixture: Saturday 25th February 18:00
Score: Elche 1-1 Huesca 
Table position: 12th with 35 points
Day 26 Lugo v Elche
Fixture: Friday 17th February 20:00
Score: Lugo 1-2 Elche
Table position: 12th with 34 points
Day 25 Elche v UCAM Murcia
Fixture: Sunday 12th February 18:00
Score: Elche 1-1 UCAM Murcia
Table position:13th with 31 points 
Day 24 Tenerife v Elche
Fixture: Saturday 4th February 18:00
Score: Tenerife 2-0 Elche
Table position: 13th with 30 points
Day 23 Elche v Girona
Fixture: Friday 27th January 20:00
Score: Elche 1-0 Girona
Table position: 12th with 30 points
Day 22 Real Vallecano v Elche
Fixture: Saturday 21st January 18:00
Score: Real Vallecano 1-1 Elche
Table position: 12th with 27 points
Day 21 Real Oviedo v Elche
Fixture: Saturday 14th January 18:00
Score: Real Oviedo 2-1 Elche
Table position: 14th with 26 points
Day 20 Elche v Cadiz
Fixture: Sunday 8th January 18:00
Score: Elche 2-3 Cadiz
Table position: 12th with 26 points
Day 19 Reus Deportiu v Elche
Fixture: Friday 16th December 20:00
Score: Reus Deportiu 0-1 Elche
Table position: 10th with 26 points
Day 18 Elche v Getafe
Fixture: Saturday 10th December 18:00
Score: Elche 2-2 Getafe
Table position: 12th with 23 points
Day 17 Mirandes v Elche
Fixture: Saturday 3rd December 18:15
Score: Mirandes 1-0 Elche
Table position: 12th with 22 points
Day 16 Elche v Mallorca
Fixture: Sunday 27th November 12:00
Score: Elche 1-0 Mallorca
Table position: 8th with 22 points
Day 15 Almeria v Elche
Fixture: Friday 18th November 20:00
Score: Almeria 2-1 Elche
Table position: 12th with 19 points
Day 14 Elche v Real Valladolid
Fixture: Saturday 12th November 13:00
Score: Elche 2-0 Real Valladolid
Table position: 9th with 19 points
Day 13 Numancia v Elche
Fixture: Sunday 6th November 16:00
Score: Numancia 2-2 Elche
Table position: 13th with 16 points
Day 12 Sevilla At. v Elche
Fixture: Sunday 30th October 12:00
Score: Sevilla At. 2-0 Elche
Table position: 11th with 15 points
Day 11 Elche v Cordoba
Fixture: Saturday 22nd October 16:00
Score: Elche 1-1 Cordoba
Table position: 7th with 15 points
Day 10 Zaragoza v Elche
Fixture: Sunday 16th October 12:00
Score: Zaragoza 1-3 Elche
Table position: 8th with 14 points
Day 9 Elche v Gimnastic
Fixture: Saturday 8th October 18:00
Score: Elche 4-4 Gimnastic
Table position: 12th with 11 points
Day 8 Alcorcon v Elche
Fixture: Saturday 1st October 18:00
Score: Alcorcon 1-0 Elche
Table position: 12th with 10 points
Day 7 Elche v Levante
Fixture: Saturday 24th September 20:00
Score: Elche 0-1 Levante
Table position: 8th with 10 points
Day 6 Huesca v Elche
Fixture: Wednesday 21st September 20:00
Score: Huesca 0-3 Elche
Table position: 7th with 10 points
Day 5 Elche v Lugo
Fixture: Saturday 17th September 18:00
Score: Elche  0-3 Lugo
Table position: 9th with 7 points
Day 4 UCAM Murcia v Elche
Fixture: Sunday 11th September 18:00
Score: UCAM Murcia 1-1 Elche
Table position: 3rd with 7 points
Day 3 Elche v Tenerife
Fixture: Saturday 3rd September 20:00
Score: Elche 3-1 Tenerife
Table position: 4th with 6 points
Day 2 Girona v Elche
Fixture: Saturday 27th August 19:00
Score: Girona 3-1 Elche
Table position: 8th with 3 points
Day 1 Elche v Rayo Vallecano
Fixture: Saturday 20th August 19:00
Score: Elche 2-1 Rayo Vallecano
Table position: 2nd with 3 points
Day 29 Elche v Alcorcon 
Fixture: Friday 10th March 20:00
Table position: